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Contact: Michael Kisluk
Location: Coorparoo, Queensland
Scope: Concept Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Building Construction Services, ESD

This is a new Brisbane head office and workshop for Vision, the non-profit organization for the blind. The building features an approximate total of 2,400 m² offices, warehousing and workshops, answering the client’s very specialized needs and their brief for a highly sustainable development. Large scale water harvesting from the entire roof area virtually negates reliance on a Brisbane City Council water connection through a double reticulated plumbing system for all non-potable uses, including irrigation of landscaping.

An innovative passive climate control system, utilizing the large thermal mass of the structure, the effect of which is amplified by an automated night time mass ventilation system, significantly reduces the heating and cooling loads throughout the year.

On-site electricity production is to be provided, in the form of a photovoltaic array and trigeneration equipment. These design strategies and a sensitive use of sustainable materials in the spirit of the Green Star rating system reduces its overall carbon and emissions footprint during its lifetime.

The development is seen as a step towards the ideal zero carbon footprint that may soon become a requirement for all developments of this type and scale. As seen with this project, the TVS architects will continue to lead the way towards a sustainable future in the Queensland and Australian context.

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