PA Hotel, Rockhampton

Contact: Michael Kisluk
Location: Rockhampton, Queensland
Scope: Concept Design, Architecture, Interior Design, FF&E
The hotel was originally built by the owner’s father Darby Godwin. The existing building’s appearance was very dilapidated and a large part of the hotel unused and closed off except for special functions. The project comprises the external refurbishment, interior design and fit out of the whole hotel including the Public Bar, Family Dining, Kids Room, Fine Dining, Wine Bar, Function Room, Boardroom, Gaming Room, Bars, toilets, kitchen and Bottle Shop. The hotel refurbishment was undertaken in 4 stages and continued to operate throughout.

The brief was to give Rockie a new entertainment venue and the PA locals a better standard of venue. The design needed to retain the principal elements of the existing building and reflect the owners’ desire to refresh the image without changing too much. The owner required that existing functions had to be retained more or less in their existing locations. Layout for staff to multi-task and allow progressive night shut down.

Core ideas which inspired design decisions:

• Use existing elements of hotel’s fabric (cold rooms and timber).
• Incorporate natural light into deep internal spaces
• Allow the building to open up to the outside
• Contemporary Town & Country – highly finished elements contrasting with rustic heavy timber
• Different spaces for people so everyone can find a place they are comfortable in.

A cost effective refurbishment of the existing building was achieved through minimal structural and services changes (retention of toilet, kitchen and bar positions) with façade changes as a new skin.

The timber represents the country and highly finished stone and metal the town. Externally the large recycled timber columns provide a foil to the old façade behind and give a bold strength in the flat featureless suburban environment.

The design aimed to put people at ease; not be pretentious but offer something special. It was paramount that the regulars (some of whom had been using this bar for the past 40 years) were comfortable. Hence, a place of the everyday and the exceptional was crafted to form a background to the life of the community.

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