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Contact: Mark Urquhart
Location: Broadwater, Queensland
Scope: Concept Design, Architecture
Cav’s Steakhouse has been an iconic restaurant in Labrador where countless generations of Gold Coast residents have used it as a meeting place to dine, discuss business and celebrate occasions. With its distinctive architectural facade and the life size bovine sculptures it was easily recognizable and often used as a landmark or point of reference easily identified by both locals and visitors alike.

The design objective is to acknowledge this important function within the community and the urban influenced environment along the coastal region, with a building facade that is layered and articulated to create a sophisticated approach to form and massing.

The ground floor has been expanded and diversified to supplement the service to the community which already exists. Architecturally the new podium formed by this retail and commercial hub provides an anchor to the composition as a whole and a human scaled transition from the tower. On top of the retail podium, large common recreational areas are provided for residences, facilities such as gymnasium, common barbeque area and swimming pool.

The proposal provides for new active retail interface at street level along Brett Ave & Frank St, facilitating connection of the urban fabric in the area between the site and the main street. Use of the stepped illuminated retail awning, sleek glazing and battened screens allows the bulk of the podium to be softened and broken into an interesting form. The retail function and design is to provide a high quality, weather protected retail on one level, without ramps or other transitions, providing safe egress and encouraging pedestrian movement throughout the site. Care has been taken organising concealment of service areas such as loading docks, rubbish collection areas, air condenser platforms, and to minimise any conflicting pedestrian/vehicle pathways.

The tower is composed of large boxed extrusions shaped from slab projections to create an asymmetric building form, centered by vertical battens which also allow for passive lighting into the living spaces and privacy from the street. The clustered arrangement and changes between each level of balustrade with varying depths, solid or glazed elements and fins, varying colour, together with the use of intermittent spandrel panels and the subtle push and pull of boxed masses creates a diverse and interesting street front façade with larger shadow treatments highlighting the punctuated and recessed nature of the facade.

The project will feature high quality materials which are appropriate with durable and robust characteristics to suit its beachside proximity. All balconies in the building offer generous outdoor recreational spaces to make use of the sub-tropical microclimate of the region. The large overhangs offer good sun protection to the large glass areas opening up the views to the Broadwater, Southport/Surfers Paradise and the hinterland while allowing natural light and ventilation into the apartments.

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