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Contact: Michael Kisluk
Location: Indooroopilly, Queensland
Scope: Concept Design, DA Documentation

Central to the design is the creation of an active frontage to the corner to enliven the space and to create a place that can act as a focus for this precinct. The plaza/retail at lower ground floor at the street have the potential to draw people across the road and provide an active link to the Indooroopilly Railway Station. Retail in this position will provide an attractive destination for boutique shopping and casual dining. The corner plaza is an ideal location for a cycle cafe – the site being on a highly used bicycle route.

A mix of 137 high quality and spacious 1, 2 & 3 bedroom residential units are proposed. All units have natural cross ventilation through integration of a fully open-able central corridor and breezeway lobbies. The form of the building gives reference to the lower rise residential buildings near by through reducing scale with 2 level elements. The residential tower is articulated by splitting the mass into two distinct wings joined by the central lift corridor. This provides a significant relief to the building length and allows ventilation at the very centre of the building.

Unit entry breezeway doors allow owners to open and close ventilation as required whilst maintaining visual privacy. The corridors to each residential lobby have been given natural light and ventilation at both ends and in the middle. The floors are serviced by open stairs which allow easy and pleasant circulation as an alternative to the lift. This stair has been given visual prominence on the façade to reinforce its importance.

A building of environmental significance is proposed – representing a quantum leap in the integration of innovative cost effective ESD design elements into large scale mixed use development in Brisbane. The design proposes to deliver improved comfort levels, reduced energy and water consumption and reduced impact on the environment for residents and users.

We propose a striking building that sits comfortably in the Indooroopilly precinct, sets a benchmark for mixed use ESD design and achieves exemplary urban design outcomes.

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