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Contact: Michael Kisluk
Location: Highgate Hill, Queensland
Scope: Concept Design, Architecture, DA Documentation

A mix of high quality and compact affordable 1 & 2 bedroom residential units are proposed. All units have natural cross ventilation through integration of a fully open-able central corridor and breezeway lobbies. Unit entry breezeway doors allow owners to open and close ventilation as required whilst maintaining visual privacy. The corridors to each residential lobby have been given natural light and ventilation. The floors are serviced by open stairs which allow easy and pleasant circulation as an alternative to the lift. The stairs have been given visual prominence on the façade to reinforce their importance as a principal circulation route.

Shapes of façade screens reference the local vernacular of character housing roof forms and patterning of the screens is abstracted from the forms of the hoop pine branches and foliage.

Living walls have been integrated into elements of the building where they are able to visually enliven and soften the facades.

Articulation and patterning of the façade is related to individual unit levels, giving scale as relates to the street and references the surrounding residential forms.

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