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Contact: Michael Kisluk
Location: Nathan Campus, Brisbane
Scope: Concept Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Building Construction Services, ESD

The EcoCentre was opened on World Environment Day in June 2001. It was designed to be a fully functional   environmental education centre on Nathan Campus offering a range of environmental education services to the community.

Griffith Eco Centre is an environmental education centre within Toohey Forest. The bush-land site inspired an organic building form which together with large areas of glazed walls and elevated entry bridge gave the centre a “treehouse” ambience. This theme will continue when a future canopy walkway is added. The use of rammed earth walls and solar panels, the design for water and energy conservation, day-lighting and natural ventilation all enhance the environmental education experience of visitors.

The EcoCentre installed a photovoltaic (PV) system, funded under the Federal Government’s Photovoltaic Rebate Program for Community Use Buildings. The grid-interactive PV system was mounted on the roof of the building, which is located at the Nathan Campus of Griffith University in Brisbane.

The EcoCentre was designed to apply many of the technologies that can help reduce human impact on the environment through intelligent building. The photovoltaic installation at the EcoCentre was part of a total system including passive solar sitting of the building, ambient ventilation and lighting, rainwater harvesting with mains water augmentation and non-sewered, wet composting waste disposal.

A series of co-ordinated displays in the gallery area of the EcoCentre explain sustainable development concepts and principles. They illustrate the need to reduce human impact on the environment, develop the skills of community environmental citizenship and to underpin these with ecological learning in the wider community. The exhibits were drawn from the various sponsors, partners and stakeholders in the EcoCentre, reflecting a cross-community commitment to promoting sustainable development and sustainable living.

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