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Contact: Mark Urquhart
Location: Labrador, Queensland
Scope: Concept Design, Architecture, Interior Design, DA Documentation

The proposed development sits on a dominant corner site almost on the border between Labrador and Southport. Frank Street which forms the Western boundary to the site is an extension of the Gold Coast highway which is the main arterial North-South aligned Road along the Eastern edge of the city. This fact necessitates the need for a building of high design resolution.

The apartments are oriented to the North-East and East for views to the Broadwater and best solar orientation with the back of the building facing West.

Vehicles travelling North and South along Frank Street will experience elevations with visual variety. Balcony balustrades vary in materials and depths. Solid and glazed elements, fins and blades all alternate across the facade creating texture, light and shadows.

The tower rests on a modest podium of just 2.5 floors giving the building an anchor to the ground. The podium and basement are set back from all boundaries to allow deep planting on all boundaries to soften the impact on adjoining owners. Extensive green walls to the edges of the podium floors facing the adjoining owners to the East and South have been incorporated.

On the public side facing West and North, Frank and Robert Streets respectively we have sought to create a facade that would be visually interesting and ever-changing for both passers-by and neighbours. The copper facade panels will be naturally covered by patina over time as they weather in this coastal environment.

Deep horizontal and vertical powder-coated aluminium blades have been incorporated to break up the massing and reinforce the human scale. These blades being deep will also provide texture to the facade and project ever changing shadows as the sun moves across the sky.

The balconies on the East and North-East elevations provide generous private recreation spaces for each apartment. The large overhangs offer good sun protection to the large glass areas opening up the views to the Broadwater while allowing natural light and ventilation into the apartments. The balcony edges have been manipulated on each floor to offer interest and a dynamic form to the facade to mimic the dynamics in the urban environment, in particular the tidal ebb and flow of the Broadwater.

Sustainability has been considered through the following design characteristics;

• All 4 sides of the podium car parking are open to encourage natural light and ventilation

• Entries to all apartments will be fitted with secondary louvered security doors to allow cross ventilation from the balconies through to the naturally vented corridors.

• Minimizing the area of Western facing openings to reduce heat gains.

• Wide balconies protect glazing while allowing views to the Broadwater.

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