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Contact: Michael Kisluk
Location: Bowen Hills, Queensland
Scope: Concept Design, Architecture, Interior Design, DA and Construction Documentation, FF&E, Contract Administration

The project is a redevelopment of the old Fame Theatre and School which occupied the building for over 20 years. As many Brisbane performers made their start at the theatre, we reused the original sign and named the development in its honor.

A development of good quality affordable 1 bedroom residential units was built. All units have natural cross ventilation through integration of a fully open-able central corridor and breezeway lobbies The form of the building gives reference to the lower rise podiums to surrounding residential buildings. The facade is articulated to give visual interest and scale.

The central spine of the stair and corridor areas is expressed through the full height of the building and accentuated by the stair roof at the end. Particular attention has been given to sun shading and natural ventilation through innovative solutions.

Unit entry breezeway doors allow owners to open and close ventilation as required whilst maintaining visual privacy. The corridors to each residential lobby have been given natural light and ventilation at the end by an open stair which allows easy and pleasant circulation as an alternative to lifts. This stair has been given visual prominence on the façade to reinforce its importance.

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