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Contact: Maurice Verna
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland
Scope: Concept Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Documentation

Emerald Lakes Stages 5&6 are made up of 2 radial quadrant sites each approx 1800m² in area, with a  yield density of 16 dwellings with a 4 storey height limit. The client’s intention was to achieve a 20 dwelling density in a 2 and 3 storey configuration, with each dwelling accommodating 3 bedrooms and double garages. TVS managed to achieve this objective by the careful placement of the dwellings in a radial pattern utilizing a 7.5m wide 2 storey modules and 4 .2m wide 3 storey transition modules. The exterior facades are layered and set back to achieve an interesting built form. The selected material palette and colour changes help to increased articulation and variety.  Tis adds significantly to the overall urban fabric of the area. The stepped facades closely mirrors the built form of the Emerald Lakes Town Centre on the opposite side of the lake.

Each lot will house 10 dwellings, 3 visitor bays and garbage screened enclosure areas to suit expected volumes. A communal recreational area is located on one of the sites

Dwelling areas are expected to range between 175 to 180m² including garage and balcony area.

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