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Contact: Michael Kisluk
Location: Albion, Queensland
Scope: Concept Design, Architecture, Interior Design, FF&E, Construction Services
Engagement  –  Cricket Australia commissioned TVS Architects to cut over $1million from the construction cost after the previous Architect was removed from the project due to various issues. TVS were charged with the job of getting the job back on budget and on program. Construction of early works (including civil work and piles for the building and pool) had already begun before a head contractor had been engaged. When the tenders came in massively over budget, the project was in serious trouble. On review of the design, TVS recommended a total redesign and through innovative design solutions was able to bring the building in on budget. The client enthusiastically embraced the change in direction.
The project was successfully completed the building on time and on budget.

World-class innovation  –  new cutting-edge technology such as virtual reality tools for decision making and biomechanical equipment for technique analysis, research and skill development, makes the Centre of Excellence internationally recognised as a world-class athlete development centre. The specific physical, spatial and performance requirements (such as maximum vibration tolerances in slabs, light oscillation frequencies, etc) required by the technology and equipment was achieved in all cases ensuring optimal performance of the centre.

Program support  –  state of the art facilities for national coaching, umpiring education, integrated sports medicines, injury rehabilitation and physical preparation programs. TVS were able to design the building to achieve all briefed requirements including specific International & National competition requirements. Operation of the Centre since handover has confirmed that Cricket Australia’s programs  can be run exactly as envisaged.

Value for money  –  affordability delivered to the Client, the Project Partners and users of the Centre of Excellence. Through understanding what was important to the client and user groups we were able to redesign the project to achieve the best, most appropriate design and outcomes.

Sustainability  –  a sustainable, durable and safe facility which will continue to be an asset and enhance future generations of Australian cricket athletes and professionals. Through appropriate selection of materials, equipment and systems, long term savings on operation and maintenance costs are being achieved.

Safety & Accessibility  –  Compliance with relevent guides and standards was achieved through in-depth research of requirements. Holistic review by user groups enabled identification of specific user needs and broad community expectations for a National Sports training Facility.

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