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Contact: Maurice Verna
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Scope: Schematic Design, Design Development, BA Documentation, Tender Documentation, Construction Inspection Services

WINNER of UDIA Qld Consultants’ Excellence Award 2015

The site for this boutique mixed use development housed a redundant bus shelter and the adjacent cruise ship terminal. The existing steel structure was demolished, so all that was left was a concrete podium structure built over an existing basement car park. It was surrounded by existing mixed use developments. The subject site allowed only a GFA of some 2400 m² to be allocated to the GF retail and the apartments on upper floors.

The limiting factor associated with this site, was the fact that the basement cars were on a car parking grid of approx 8.1 m, and there was only 1 pile under each of these columns that could sustain limited building loads. A conventional concrete post and beam construction could only sustain 1 retail level and 3 floors of apartments. However, utilizing a light weight building systems approach meant that an additional floor could be accommodated, thereby having units higher up to potentially gain river views.

The external facades formed an external expression of the 8.1 m structural grids, so wrapped steel columns with deep recessed light weight facades were the end result. All up, 32 x 1 bed plus study apartments were accommodated on the 4 upper floors, while approx 6 shop tenancies on the ground floor  made up the balance of the development.

The project needed to be integrated with the Portside Urban Design fabric. This was achieved by the use of paving treatments, pedestrian awnings and a rich palette of building materials for increased variety. Wide pedestrian circulation areas are provided at the base of the building, with a series of semi-enclosed outdoor dining areas also integrated.

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